Soft Tile Projects

In making this series of mosaics I have attemped to show how a striking detail can be introduced into a tiled wall without having to use expensive materials and many work hours.

All tiles used are 15cm².

These designs can be made in any arrangement of tiles,


for example a grid of 4 tiles by 4.  

16 point star

This mosaic is 2 tiles by 2 set in a grid of 3 by 3.


The designs can be expanded by adding extra rings.


A panel 8 1/2 by 2 tiles.


This panel was made to fit precisely in this space.

The tiles used were Mosa, the pink is gloss and the blue mat.

This mix of finishes gives a pleasing effect as the light changes during the day. The white frame is mat with the “fishes” in the middle gloss.



Logos, letters and numbers are also possible.